Turtle Envy

How facing the fear of diving added new adventures in life and new depths in love

Learn to scuba alongside Alycea, a claustrophobic bubble watcher determined to overcome her anxiety and explore the reefs.

Released from Wandering River Press July 2020.

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Redefining Family

A Birthmother’s Path to Wholeness

This bare bones memoir tells the story of a kinship adoption from the perspective of a birthmother.

It will break your heart, then heal it, with new perspectives on adoption, openness, and the complex ways we define family.

Released from Wandering River Press January 2020.

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Anxiety and Reflection, Fear and Hope

As COVID-19 descended and the world sequestered, six writers turned to words to help make sense of the experience.

Their collection of thirteen stories, some true, some fiction, provides a raw, multi-faceted perspective on the pandemic. 

Released from Wandering River Press May 2020.

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