Turtle Envy

How facing the fear of diving added new adventures in life and new depths in love

Learn to scuba alongside Alycea, a claustrophobic bubble watcher determined to overcome her anxiety and explore the reefs.

A. K. Snyder’s Turtle Envy is the best armchair undersea journey since Jacques Cousteau. Even if you hate getting your hair wet you will love this book!


After a failed scuba class, Alycea swore never to dive again. But when her husband fell in love with the sport, she faced a  decision: overcome the fear, or accept her fate as a bubble watcher. Her identity as self-reliant blocked her from trusting her dive buddy spouse, and this conflict extended beyond the water. Was her independent streak harming her diving as well as her marriage? 

Scuba. Anxiety. Marriage. Trust.

In lyrical prose, this memoir will have you cheering for small wins and reflecting on what it means to trust your partner.

“Loved Turtle Envy. Having been a dive instructor in the Florida Keys, I saw too many women sitting on the dock. This book will give you the courage to get out there and try it for yourself!”


Turtle Envy, what a wonderful trip into the underwater world I wanted so much to see! I know I can’t physically get there but because of this book I feel I have been there. Loved it!”

Amarilys G. Rassler

In Turtle Envy, a few words are often worth a thousand pictures, because those words convey not only gorgeous mental images of wildly varied reef scenery and wildlife, but the observer’s emotions.  

Turtle Envy is a compelling rollercoaster of painful setbacks, terrifying moments of danger, and, finally, enough hard-won successes – plus beautiful reef and island descriptions! plus humor! – to keep me smiling almost nonstop through many of the final chapters. 

If I ever start diving, I’m going to refer to this book repeatedly; and if I never dive, I’ll really appreciate the shared glimpses of so many reefs’ otherwise-out-of-sight denizens.


One thought on “Turtle Envy

  1. Exactly the book I needed as I spluttered and choked gracelessly through my PADI Open Water Diver certification.
    Read it, y’all, and realise that finding this process tough is far from unique. Instead, it’s a glorious, non-linear path to a new world. The author gives us a glimpse of her fear in a matter-of-fact way, accompanied by an all-too-familiar critical inner monologue. I could hear and feel my own experiences in the book and am taking delight in the happiest of endings for the journey. Best book I’ve read in a long time.

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