Turtle Envy

How facing the fear of diving added new adventures in life and new depths in love

Learn to scuba alongside Alycea, a claustrophobic bubble watcher determined to overcome her anxiety and explore the reefs.

After a failed scuba class triggered her panic, Alycea swore never to try diving again. But when her husband fell in love with the sport, she faced a decision: overcome the fear or accept her fate as a bubble watcher.

Alycea clung to her identity as a free-spirited explorer as she struggled to master the mechanics of diving. Her focus on self-reliance blocked her from trusting her dive buddy and this conflict extended beyond diving. Was she harming her marriage with her inability to rely on others?

In lyrical prose, this journey is fraught with panic, humor, and dogged determination. From the coral reefs of Florida to the muck sites of Indonesia, you’ll revel in the beautiful scenery and triumph in overcoming fear so you can live the life you choose.

Scuba. Anxiety. Marriage. Trust.

This memoir will have you cheering for small successes and reflecting on what it means to trust your partner.

Available July 31, 2020.

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