A Birthmother’s Path to Wholeness

New Release: Jan 25, 2020.

Adoption – Healing – Family

This bare bones memoir tells the story of a kinship adoption from the perspective of a birthmother.

It will break your heart, then heal it, with new perspectives on adoption, openness, and the complex ways we define family.

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“Both heart-wrenching and heartwarming, this birthmother memoir tells the story of the truth that so many live each day. Snyder captures rock bottom, hope, goals, and growth beautifully. She speaks to the needs and desires of all members of the adoption triad with thoughtful consideration.

This book should be recommended reading for anyone involved in, considering, or close to adoption in today’s society.”

– Kim Riddle

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As promised at the end of Redefining Family, there’s more. You can download photos of our family, then and now, right here.


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