Finding Online Community

Here’s the cycle many are in right now:

We are feeling a little lonely, a little isolated, a little scared. We log on to social media to quell the feelings, and are bombarded with exponential graphs, images of scarcity, stories of ugly behavior and misinformation. We log off feeling lonelier, more isolated, more fearful. And repeat.

There are a lot of posts encouraging us to go outside, get some exercise, take a break, make a meal, and I agree with all of that. But I wanted to share a few places you can go online to find real communities, real companionship, without being bombarded with all the ugliness.

Might Networks function a little like Facebook Groups, but each network is an isolated community focused on a single theme (and they’re not on Facebook). All the community love, without the political posts from your cousin’s husband.

Here are a couple networks I love.


Launched from Gretchen Rubin’s book The Four Tendencies, this one focuses on self-care and understanding motivation, yours and others. You’ll find lots of comfort and support here.

The Unemployable Initiative

If you have a side-hustle your working on, or dreaming about, the Unemployable Initiative has a thriving community of knowledgeable and experienced entrepreneurs. You’ll find lots of drive and motivation here (and check out their podcast of the same name).

Your Next Inspiring Story

A place to find and share inspiring stories. Books, TV, movies, podcast, TedTalks, whatever. If it changes your perspective or leaves you feeling hopeful, share it with us! You’ll find lots of happy news and media recommendations here. (I run this one).

You can explore other Mighty Networks here.

Download the Mighty Network app and jump between networks easily on your phone.

What online communities are you a part of? Where do you go to find your people? Let me know in the comments.

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