I write in multiple genres: narrative nonfiction tinged with self-help and humor, speculative science fiction in the way of Black Mirror and Margaret Atwood, short stories in all genres, picture books, and flash fiction.

I’m an active member of Tampa Writers Alliance and have been on the board for the past few years. I also belong to the Florida Writer’s Association and usually attend their annual conference. I run the online group Your Next Inspiring Story to find and share new recommendations of stories that change my perspective and leave me inspired.

I love to sink into whatever topic has captured my attention. I abhor parties full of small talk, but will happily squirrel away into a corner and delve into deep conversation with you. Let’s talk about the impact of Alexander the Great on the spread of literacy, or how BoJack Horseman can do so much more as an animated series than it could ever pull off with live actors, or the future of space travel with the new developments in the past couple years and what do you think of Elon Musk anyway? I geek out on science (AI and augmented reality are top of mind these days), and a number of fandoms (yes, I would hop in a Tardis or enroll in Hogwarts without a second thought– adventure awaits!).

I live in Tampa with my husband. We travel, a bit locally, a bit globally. Scuba diving in Indonesia was our last grand adventure, and it’s about time to start planning the next one. Africa, maybe? My husband has his eye on Truk Lagoon.

When not writing, you’re likely to find me at my day job as a Senior Project Manager in IT. Or I may be gardening, kayaking the local rivers, or walking my overweight beagle while chuckling to the audiobook on my headphones.

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