Book Launch Team

Thanks for helping me launch book two: Turtle Envy!

What am I signing up for?

A book launch team uses their network to help spread the news about a new book they love.

Your help was absolutely essential to the success of Redefining Family. And, it was informative. This time, we’re cutting it down to 7 days, and adding a giveaway event to help spread the word.

There’s a schedule of requests, starting July 29 (see below). And I’ll send out emails per request.

Don’t feel obligated to do everything! If you spread the word in your own way, on your own time, that’s fantastic, too.

Overview of Launch Tasks

Calendar summary of events

As we approach launch day, I’ll email you the detailed description of the daily requests, including all the links and info you need.

Do the steps you want to. Skip the ones you don’t. Don’t worry about getting it perfect or hitting the right day. Every single thing you do helps and I truly appreciate it. 

Launch Requests in Detail

Thu, July 30
Email me a promotional quote.

Most sites won’t let you post reviews yet, because the book is only available in pre-order. I’ll ask you to post your official reviews on launch day. 

I can, however, add your quotes to my website, incorporate them into book promos, and include them in the description on some sites. If you have a reaction to the book that you’d love to share for these purposes, please email it to me.

Fri, July 31
Launch day! Post your reviews.

A review can be “I enjoyed this book.” Simple and to the point. If you want to expand, feel free to add what you liked, what you felt, how you felt about the characters and storyline, what other books this reminded you of, or what kind of reader may enjoy this book. 

Honest reviews are lovely. The goal is to help people figure out if the book is what they’re looking for. Not every book is suited for every person, so let’s help readers decide based on your real reactions. 


Amazon hides books by unknown authors. This book will only show up in search results if it gets enough sales, and enough of those buyers actually read it, and enough of those readers rate it and leave a review. The magic number differs by genre, but the more reviews the better. 

Here is the Amazon link. My goal is 20 reviews within the first week.


Do you have a Goodreads account? Goodreads is a site where book lovers share reviews and recommendations, log books they read, and find other readers with similar tastes. If you have an account, this is a really powerful site for helping pockets of readers find stories that suit their tastes. 

I would love if you post a Goodreads review. As long you’re there, follow my author page.

Other Distributors

If you bought the book, you can probably review it on the seller’s site. Here are some quick links for places you may have purchased from:

Barnes and Noble
Apple iBooks

Q: Can I copy and paste the same review in multiple places?
A: Yes, absolutely! No need to write multiple reviews, but the more sites you add them to, the better to help people discover the title.

Q: I already sent you a promotional quote. Can you just do it?
A: No. Sorry. Authors cannot post reviews about their own books.

Reviews are such powerful tools and authors are the only people prohibited from wielding them. This is the most important book launch team request.

Sat, August 1
Promote the Giveaway Event

I commissioned a local Tampa artist to create a stunning a piece of art related to Turtle Envy. I’ll be giving it away, along with copies of the book.

All the details can be found here.

Sun, August 2
Personally recommend the book to someone.

A personal recommendation means so much more than a generic Facebook post. Send a quick email or text to someone who you think will love the book.

Nearly all the emails I received from Redefining Family started with “This book was recommended by <someone on the launch team>.” Thank you for doing this!

Mon, August 3
Request the book from your library.

This step takes a little more work than the others, but the pay-off is incredible. Copies of Redefining Family are still circulating in libraries, and I see the digital check-outs every month!

Libraries can do incredible things for indie authors. Library patrons devour books. They buy books as gifts. They write reviews. They talk about books with their reader friends. These are important readers to find.

With the new digital licenses, they are even better for indie authors than before. Libraries can purchase a digital license for patrons to download ebooks and audiobooks. Readers read for free and authors get paid!

Most libraries have an automated way for patrons to request books to be added to the catalog. In my county, I go to the county library website, click on Contact Us, and find a link to “Suggest a Title to Purchase.” You’ll probably need to login, and you may need additional information. 

Here’s some cut and paste data you may be asked for: 


Turtle Envy: How facing the fear of diving added new adventures in life and new depths in love


A. K. Snyder

ISBN (the barcodes librarians use to identify exact book versions)

ebook: 978-1-7343886-1-9
paperback: 978-1-7343886-2-6


IngramSpark (paperback, ebook)
Findaway Voices, Overdrive (audio)

Publication Date

July 31, 2020


Wandering River Press


Memoir, Sports, or Travel

If you need to talk to someone in person, you’re typically asking for “the person who makes decision purchases for the collection.” And if you do actually call someone to do this step, please tell me and I’ll send you a cookie. 

Tue, August 4
Share the book promo material.

I have posted a few options on Instagram and Facebook. Share them any way you choose. This is just to get a buzz going.

If you’d like to download the images directly, you can get full size images from this Google Folder.

Wed, August 5
Lend your copy to someone.

Lending books does not deprive authors of sales–it helps more readers find great stories and creates fans. When you personally recommend a book and hand the copy directly to them, they are going to add it to the giant to-be-read pile on the nightstand and it’s going to (eventually) get read!

If they love it, they’ll be on the lookout for the author’s name and snap up following books. Lend, lend, lend. Keep the story circulating.  


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