Takeaways From R. L. Stine’s MasterClass

I’ve completed about a third of the lessons in R. L. Stine’s MasterClass and I’m loving it. Here are a few of my take-always so far. Writing doesn’t have to be hard and stop listening to the people who say it does. Spend the difficult hours on the outline so the writing time is fun.Continue reading “Takeaways From R. L. Stine’s MasterClass”

Writing Role Models: Lots of Characters and Backstory in Chapter 1

n the first ten pages of a novel, characters need to become whole, rich people that we care about. We need hooks to keep us reading, questions that need answers, and enough plot to let us know we’re in for a good ride. It’s tough to fit it all in, and seeing it done well helps me identify what to include, and more importantly, what to cut.

Writing Role Models – Studying Specific Passages

To improve your writing, read more. That’s the advice I hear. But I think the advice should be a bit more specific, like this: Read more passages that accomplish exactly what you are trying to accomplish in the passage you’re working on. It’s not pithy, but I think it’s more accurate. Maybe a cleaner version is:Continue reading “Writing Role Models – Studying Specific Passages”