Work in Progress: World Without Work

I’m just getting started on a novel classified as speculative fiction or sci fi, with a tinge of medical thriller. Synopsis: In the near future, we no longer need to work. Artificial Intelligence systems have integrated fully, relieving humanity from all burdens:  farming, medicine, childcare, everything. Until a new disease creeps into Taylor’s city. The AIs failContinue reading “Work in Progress: World Without Work”

Work in Progress: Emmeline’s Spellbook

I’ve always wanted a beautiful old spellbook, a truly magical one, with spells that would solve the problems I face every day. Maybe if an owl had brought me a Hogwarts invitation,  I would believe enough in magic to look for it. Alas, he must have gotten lost, and my belief in magic waned. ButContinue reading “Work in Progress: Emmeline’s Spellbook”