Scuba Video from Lembeh

First, let me say, I am not a videographer. And I’m not a skilled enough diver to create amazing videos, since I still spend so much time making sure I’m not kicking up silt or harming coral that I forget I’m holding a camera. Even so, the bizarre and beautiful creatures we saw in LembehContinue reading “Scuba Video from Lembeh”

The First Days of Working From Home with a Spouse

Jer and I have worked from home together for over a year now. But the transition from me, working from home alone for five years, to suddenly having someone in my space all day, took a minute. Here are a few conversations that helped the transition: * Staring into space means I’m thinking, not thatContinue reading “The First Days of Working From Home with a Spouse”

Travelogue: Snorkeling John Pennekamp Park in Key Largo

I tap Jer on the arm and point. He spots the barracuda and nods. We swim on. The current is strong on Banana Reef, but still the seas are calm and we glide easily through the bright blue waters. Earlier today, we took the glass bottom boat tour and heard the descriptions and names ofContinue reading “Travelogue: Snorkeling John Pennekamp Park in Key Largo”

Travelogue: Islamorada Evening

A mustard yellow single-engine plane interrupts the quiet evening. I watch it take off from my balcony overlooking the airstrip. It occurred to me a few days ago that the homes across the water sporting odd-looking garages probably house similar aircraft. I wonder where they store their cars. A few seconds after takeoff, the familiarContinue reading “Travelogue: Islamorada Evening”

Travelogue: How to Explore Richmond, Virginia by Bike

Rent a bike from Riverside Outfitters. Happily coast down the giant hill toward Pony Pasture. Swallow a bug. Close your mouth. Continue coasting. Consider how difficult climbing this hill will be later. Stop at Pony Pasture and take photos of James River. It’s lovely. Enjoy the river and the scenery while biking Riverside drive. Spot an unmarked sideContinue reading “Travelogue: How to Explore Richmond, Virginia by Bike”